About Saptari Cricket


Saptari Cricket has played an important role in the history of Nepal Cricket. The Jai Trophy came into operation as a national level competition from 1979, and before that, the sport of King Maharaj was known as a hobby and was restricted to Kathmandu Valley. Nepal first became an Affiliate Member of the International Cricket Council in 1946 and has been an Associate Member since 1988. One of the important achievements of Nepal is the recognition of participation in the T-20 World Cup in Bangladesh and the recognition of T20 status.

After finishing 2018 ICC World Cricket League Division Two at second place Nepal National Cricket Team claims the place in 2018 Cricket World Cup Qualifier. On 15 March 2018 Nepal claimed One Day International (ODI) status for the first time with their win over Papua New Guinea in the 2018 Cricket World Cup Qualifier play off encounter. With getting One Day International (ODI) status Nepal also regained Twenty20 International (T20I) status.

Similarly, if you look at the history of Saptari cricket, Saptari cricket has been participating in national cricket since 1979. Earlier, cricket was also used as a hobby in Saptari. Jai Trophy National Cricket Competition to be hosted by Nepal Cricket Association There was a committee at the zonal level from BS:2037 to BS:2048 and from the BS:2048, the competition was organized at district level.

The Saptari district, which played under the name of the Everest team, could not participate in the national competition in the 2038 Jay Trophy National Cricket Competition for the second consecutive year. In the Jai Trophy National Cricket Competition, Saptari received the third and bronze medal in the 8th national competition. In the competition, the youth of the district were honored to be third in the competition. Saptari B.S.2056 Jaya Trophy National Cricket Competition has also been concluded with glory.

Similarly, according to a new format brought by the Nepal Cricket Association, BS2056 Saptari, has been continuously participating in regional competitions, and also won the competition 5 times.

Saptari Cricket has given jewelry to Nepali cricket such as Sandeep Shrestha, Dipendra Choudhary, Mahboob Alam and their contribution to Nepal cricket is well known to all. The Guinness World Record of 10 wickets shocked the world in the same innings of the match against Mozambique. Similarly, Dipendra Chaudhary is known as the highest scoring player. And the record of Mahbub Alam cannot be counted in our hands.